Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Errant Gamer – Errant Gamer is your main source for a niche and personal view into the gaming industry. We provide you with content revolving around the games we play, both alone and with each other. If you think we’re missing out on a game, or an experience, please let us know in the comments or via the Contact Us page.

Professional product developer by day, game player, writer, and content creator by night. Abe’s worked across multiple industries as an engineer, project and product manager, including defense, video gaming, consumer electronics, and aerospace. When he’s not playing games he’s reading about them, listening to podcasts about them, or talking about them.


Twitter: @VinsisGaming

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Keelah se’lai!

I came to eat Mazapanes and play Mass Effect. And I already beat Mass Effect five times. All that’s left are my Mazapanes. You can’t have any, sorry.

When I’m not recording our weekly podcast with the rest of the team, I am playing as many games as I possibly can. Between that, I work and try to be a great Husband and Father. Sometimes I’m Batman. True story.

Hello! My name is Laurel, and my superpower is niceness–but I will cut you. And then apologize.

My gaming style is akin to a Portland brunch: Cozy and casual, with just a hint of pretension. Also there’s food.

I like little indy titles (which is good cuz I’m poor) and games that have more plot than pew-pew. I suck at shooters but like causing mayhem. I haven’t finished a single horror game but I keep buying them. Sometimes I play games that aren’t even really games. If it stresses me out too bad I’ll drop it–I’m fragile.

Most nights I’m parked on the couch watching X-files or MST3K and stuffing my face when I ought to be doing something productive, but honestly, all I wanna do is eat and sleep.