I’m 20 hours into Darksiders 2 and really enjoying the game this time around. The game features a big open world, lots of loot and a skill tree to manage. I am not sure why I didn’t enjoy this game more back on the PS3 because those three things I listed typically make a great action game. Not always, but they are pretty solid bets. The open world gives you a sense of freedom, the loot system keeps you interested in all the new drops so you can keep Death as dangerous as possible and a skill tree lets you build him with your own unique set of skills. There is a whole slew of skills I have not purchased because I built Death around his Teleport Slash and Harvest skill.

There is so much to account for between those three things and how the story plays out between your main quest line and secondary quests, I always think that any open world game we get to play is a miracle. There are a billion trillion things that can go wrong to make a game like this unplayable. Like the bug I ran into late in the game.

I was set to meet with this character named Archon. I made my way up his tower and a cut scene ensued. As the cut scene was nearing the end, the game froze. Sound was still playing but the screen was frozen. Then, two seconds later it crashed to my desktop. Ok, I said to myself, the game probably just shit itself this one time. It’s been known to happen, I had a hard crash a few hours back as I was randomly running to a side mission. I boot the game up and I’m at a checkpoint right before the cut scene. I run forward and the cut scene starts but this time I decide to skip the scene.

It crashes. Again. I do this four more times and now I know its not a random bug but something worse. I may not be able to beat this and will have to resort to reading the rest of the story on wiki or some shit. So, I take my ass to Google to sort this problem out. Here’s where things get interesting because there are so many ways to “fix” this particular problem. Someone said their Shadows were too high and after they turned that setting down, the game ran just fine. Only that didn’t work for me.


Another user said they had a side quest from a previous character they hadn’t completed. Doing so fixed the problem for them. Not me.

Finally, I manage to track down a post where a Steam user says that this bug is known by the devs. It is caused by being close to your next level and leveling up as you complete the cut scene. The way to fix this is by leveling up prior to the cut scene and this avoids the bug altogether. So I load the game back up and complete the last leg of a side quest I was saving for later. I climb the tower and the cut scene plays out flawlessly and I’m able to continue Death’s quest. Whew. Thank you Internets.

In any other type of game, these sort of bugs would be uncool. Not that they don’t deal with their own massive amount of bugs because they do, but probably not to the extent that an open world game like this does. It’s a miracle that by you wearing those special boots and being level 12 while playing on a Tuesday night or any of the other billion mathematical ways a game like this could shit itself, it doesn’t. I am less forgiving of linear games than I am for a much bigger, open world type of game. It sucks all the same but the QA for a game like Darksiders 2 must have been a goddamn nightmare. There are so many moving parts that any one of those could render your game useless.

And this is why, whenever I’m able to complete an open world type of game, I consider it nothing short of a miracle.

About an hour after this bug, Uriel wouldn’t open the next door on cue. Shit! Luckily, a quick reload did the trick and she immediately opened the passage. Whew, another bullet dodged!

For fun, can you tell me if you notice a bug I had to deal with during the entire game by looking at my screen shots? It made backtracking in dungeons a real pain in the ass. These games are modern day miracles I tell ya.