Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Errant Gamer Podcast 56!

We walk a lonely road, the only one that we have ever know... It's just Abe and Laurel this time around, and we miss Alex terribly. But fear not! We talk math dreams, Bully...

Errant Gamer Podcast 55!

Greetings and appy-polly-loggies for the lateness of yonder podcast. Abe, Alex, and Laurel talk Far Cry 5, drive-by baptisms, and of course, the news. Recorded 04/10/2018.

Errant Gamer Podcast 54!

How are we already into the fourth month of the year?! Time's inexorable march, and all that, I suppose. Abe, Alex, and Laurel return to you, fresh-faced and smiling, to bring you banter, a...

Errant Gamer Podcast 53!

Good morrow, yon guys, gals, and non-binary pals, and welcome. Abe, Alex, and Laurel talk news, numbers, Fortnite, and if the video game industry should unionize. Recorded 03/27/2018.

Errant Gamer Podcast 52!

We did it, y'all--52 episodes! A year's worth of biased hot-takes, adult life (as we know it), and of course, the news. Abe, Alex, and Laurel ask each other "Desert Island" style questions about...