Thursday, October 17, 2019


Errant Gamer Podcast 38!

Our dynamic duo carries on, or sallies forth, or whathaveyou. Alex and Y.T. keep this train a-movin' with a spot of gaming news, the...

Errant Gamer Podcast #31!

Happy October Halloween Month, everyone! The weather is turning chilly, the leaves and changing... it's beautiful. Just like you! And just like my cohorts...

Errant Gamer Podcast – Episode 7

Nintendo, remasters, and much more. And as usual we go through the latest news and events in the gaming industry. Recorded on 4/18/2017.

Errant Gamer Podcast 21!

The first round's on us--our little podcast is 21! Alex, Abe, and Laurel talk news, keyboards and mice versus controllers, the top selling games...

Errant Gamer Podcast 56!

We walk a lonely road, the only one that we have ever know... It's just Abe and Laurel this time around, and we miss...