Friday, January 22, 2021


Errant Gamer Podcast 18!

*sniffle* Our little podcast is all grown up, able to vote and buy nudey mags and everything. We're back, back again, with news, opinion...

Errant Gamer Podcast – Episode 4

Mass Effect Andromeda, and the latest news and events in the gaming industry. Recorded on 3/28/2017.

Errant Gamer Podcast 33!

Why, hello there! I'm late with the podcast, and I apologize. But we're here now! Alex, Abe, and Y.T. are back with general BS,...

Errant Gamer Podcast 26!

Holy moly! We've been going at it for six months! In this week's episode, we talk about Journey, COD WWII, and of course all the gaming...

Errant Gamer Podcast – Episode 8

Co-op gaming, Key resellers and as usual we go through the latest news and events in the gaming industry. Recorded on 4/24/2017.

Errant Gamer Podcast 50!

Holy moly! Abe, Alex, and Laurel are over the hill in this, our 50th episode! We talk some news, a discussion topic about offensive...

Errant Gamer Podcast NOINETEEN

What up, y'all! Our podcast is almost drinking age! The three of us are together again, talking VR, difficulty curves, and theme songs. Recorded 07/10/2017.

Errant Gamer Podcast – Episode 14

In this week's episode, listen as our two heroes--callously abandoned by Alex for his own hedonistic needs--forge bravely on and talk Star Wars ethics,...

Errant Gamer Podcast – Episode 12

We've reached a dirty dozen! This week we talk about Destiny 2, "shit-ass" Overwatch, top sales for games and hardware, and how many hours...

Errant Gamer Podcast 45!

The handsomest two-thirds of the Errant Gamer troupe are back with quick-takes on Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Survive, some thought-provoking topics, and of...