I need your help. It’s been weeks since my last good gaming session. I was absorbed in Stellaris in the way we all associate with Civilization. You get a game going. You kill a few hours and turn to find something else to do. It is then, and only then, that you realize a week or more has passed and all you have to show for it is blurry work memories and the Iron Age at home. But even though it was a similar experience, it was fleeting and nothing felt quite right. Even still. Nothing feels quite right and it’s killing this errant gamer’s free time.

Overwatch is funnish and may capture my attention for the span of 20-30 minutes. Same for Diablo 3. Rise of the Tomb Raider is there, and I mash the Ping button to see where I should be climbing, what I should be harvesting, or just out of habit. I’ve got Total War: Warhammer installed but I never load it up. The same is true of GTA V, Dying Light, and the crumbling remnants of other games Alex, Laurel, and Zamir played with me.

I’ve since installed Elite Dangerous and Elder Scrolls Online to try to find my gaming equivalent of the “just right” porridge. Nioh, Life is Strange, and Kerbal Space Program as well.

Side note, I just learned that you can control where your Kerbal flies by using the WASD keys and that this control is a key part of the game. This changes everything. Sometimes I’m smart. Other times not-so-much.

But none of these games is hitting the spot. None of them are doing The Thing. None of them are Just Right. The Steam Summer Sale is upon us, and maybe it’s this surplus of options that’s paralyzing me. My Wish List is 22 items long, and almost everything there is on sale in one way or another. Granted, many of those items are DLC for the game I’ve played for 20 minutes, Total War: Warhammer. Don’t ask me why they’re there. I think I’m hoping that they’ll drop to an appropriate point where I don’t feel guilty picking up factions that may make me more engaged in the game.

Regardless, I’m faced with this dilemma where I have no shortage of games on my backlog but none of them feel quite right. I hop from game to game, barely paying attention. I spend my free time looking at Steam instead of playing anything. It’s torture!

How do you get past your slumps?