Errant Gamer Podcast – Episode 9


E3 predictions! And of course the latest news and events in the gaming industry. Recorded on 5/02/2017.


  1. Prediction – Portal 3, White box edition that comes with … adult toys
  2. Prediction – Nintendo gets into Let’s Plays, make their own streaming/sharing service, usable only on Nintendo’s, Subscription based, and super restrictive (players can’t monetize videos, but there will be ads as well … and they can delete things whenever. NintenGo, Wii You, Streamboy, Pretty Hate Machine.
  3. Prediction – Increased presence of Booth Bros as the gaming industry finally admits/tries to monetize on women and gay people in the industry



  1. Prediction – Amy Hennig & Visceral studio will announce their Star Wars game, Gameplay trailer along with a release
  2. Prediction – Sucker Punch announces next project: Infamous game, Cole’s story
  3. Prediction – Sony Announces PS Vita 2



  1. Prediction – Scorpio, XBox compatibility with VR headset (Oculus)
  2. Prediction – Bioware to announce Star Wars IP, game out in Spring 2018
  3. Prediction – Bloodborne II announced and trailer shown