Bungie’s “Destiny” launched on September 9th of 2014 after much fanfare and anticipation. The game hit a sweet spot between massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre mechanics and those of first person shooters (FPS). It captivated many players, myself included, but it struggled to keep others engaged. Where “Destiny” fell short, particularly in terms of overall available content and story, “Destiny 2” will hopefully excel. Based on leaked images it’s looking like the game will hit its proposed “Fall 2017” launch window.

According to leaked images from an Italian site Lega Network and from Imgur (above), the release date for “Destiny 2” will be September 8th, of 2017.

“Destiny 2” is reportedly going to be a full reboot of the universe. This will hopefully correct many of the issues that existed in the first game. Many of us suspected that it would be announced at E3 or GDC this year and released closer to the holiday season, and these images seem to support that theory. Additionally, during an earnings call as reported by Polygon’s Charlie Hall, Activision announced that the sequel was coming in Fall of 2017.

All signs point to September. Take the summer to prepare yourself for what will undoubtedly be an addictive game that leads to many hours spent looking through a scope or down your sights.