Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Errant Gamer Podcast 41!

A day late, and a dollar--actually, I have a dollar, sweet! I'm sorry the podcast is late, but it's here and it's great and we're so glad to have you. Abe, Alex, and Y.T....

Errant Gamer Podcast #40!

It's episode forty and we're puttin' on the ritz! Abe, Alex, and Laurel are back to tell you some stuff about gaming prices, gaming news, and playing real-life in hard mode. Recorded 12/04/2017.

Errant Gamer Podcast 39!

I am late yet again. Please forgive. Good news, though--the Golden Trio is back! Abe, Alex, and Yers Truly are together once more to delight, entertain, and perhaps even educate. Recorded 11/28/2017.

Errant Gamer Podcast 38!

Our dynamic duo carries on, or sallies forth, or whathaveyou. Alex and Y.T. keep this train a-movin' with a spot of gaming news, the top sellers for October, and my big ol' spoilery take on...

Errant Gamer Podcast 37!

Was it Barry Manilow that said 2 out of 3 ain't bad? Abe is away, but Alex and Yours Truly are firmly lashed to the helm and will get you through. We talk some...