Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Errant Gamer Podcast 44!

Hello! You're awesome and we're glad you're here. Abe, Alex, and Laurel are back once again to bring you news, PSA's, and this adult life we're fumbling through. Recorded 01/15/2018.

Errant Gamer Podcast 43!

We're back! A Podcast Story. Happy New Year! Abe, Alex, and Laurel have returned to you with some news, a discussion about customizable hardware, and banter. Recorded 01/08/2018.

Errant Gamer Podcast 42!

Hello! Happy Holidays! I'm unforgivably late, yet I humbly beg your forgiveness just the same. Abe, Alex, and Laurel are here to give you a spot of gaming news, and to discuss Destiny 2...

Errant Gamer Podcast 41!

A day late, and a dollar--actually, I have a dollar, sweet! I'm sorry the podcast is late, but it's here and it's great and we're so glad to have you. Abe, Alex, and Y.T....

Errant Gamer Podcast #40!

It's episode forty and we're puttin' on the ritz! Abe, Alex, and Laurel are back to tell you some stuff about gaming prices, gaming news, and playing real-life in hard mode. Recorded 12/04/2017.